Landscape design & Planning



On our first meeting we will explore your vision in detail, while visiting the site. It is at this meeting we discuss many options and different ideas. During this time on site we can observe things like: access to location, grade, soil conditions, sun light exposure and direction. 


We try to gather as much information as possible before designing. Things we might need to obtain are building plans (Plot plans, Surveys, Foundation specs). We also gather product specs from our vendors, as well as plant information.  


Many people are afraid to discuss the age old question on every project, "How much is this going to cost me". We like to establish a range of cost to build our estimate within. This enables us to maximize our materials and creativity in relation to the projects budget.

Planning and Design Fee

We establish a timeframe for the duration of the project that fits with the clients needs. Scheduling and coordinating deliveries for our team is also top priority. Our design cost is refunded as a credit upon being hired to do the work. Please contact us for more details.